Conduit Fittings

Everything started back in July year 2011, when Sailor Huang function in Canon as a mildew engineer assistant, and did start to involve plastic molding. four Years later. Conduit-Fittings. com was registering, and working them with two friends(Kevin, Rosa).

Conduit Fittings Wholesale

We set a goal to advertise China qualified products worldwide. Flexible conduit & fixtures are great, and in the moving years we’ve expanded the actual company’s product line to include electric supplies, fittings, glands, along with other accessories. Now Conduit-Fittings. com has become the one-stop wholesale store that over 500 clients worldwide rely upon for over one, 000, 000 pieces items, comprehensive consumer resources, quick order turnaround, and outstanding customer service.

Conduit Fittings Wholesale

Why We’re Various:

Everything we do, all of us do for our customers. A person came to us for versatile conduit or fittings, however, you didn’t want to purchase adaptable conduit, conduit connectors, cable connection glands, conduit clips through million different places. And that we just help carrying whatever you asked for from China qualified industrial facilities.

Since we don’t produce anything ourselves, we’re in a position to focus completely on customer support. Leave it up to us, let us doing what we’re proficient at.

We are costantly improving internet site, selection and our encounter. You can email us day to day and get a clear quotes inside a day. The best products and the very best service. We don’t just mean friendly customer service associates. We’ll offer the quotes with increased details contain certifications, deals, customizable service, payments because everything as we can do for the purchasing.

Who We Are:

Conduit-Fittings. com is powered through FlexGlory Machinery Accessories C., Ltd, a leading flexible channel & fittings wholesale provider from China.

Hilton Agora, Dongguan City, Guangdong State, China.