My instagram posts for this week..

Heres a few of my instagram posts from this week:

Planning 📖🕛
I used to feel that having having a plan was restricting. Knowing what and when I was going to be doing things on a day-to-day basis didnt appeal to me at all. But I’ve begun to realise that planning is the only way I’ve been able to maximise my productivity and more importantly, results. Whether that is regarding work, projects, cooking for the week, gym schedule etc, it is super important to really think about what it is you want, and what steps you need to take until you get there. Clarity is important, and writing something down seems to clarify it in my head and make it seem more achievable. The muddled-up to-do list in head becomes settled, and my mind feels more clearly focussed when I plan ahead.

You know it's time for a change. You know you need to change your daily habits. You know you need to start going to sleep earlier. You know you need to start drinking more water. You know you need to start eating more veggies. You know you need to start to go to the gym. You know you need to stop eating out three times a week. 
You know you need to change.

What are you waiting for? No, really, are you waiting for something? Because there will never be a perfect time. The time for change is now. Whatever it is, just start now and continue doing it consistently.

Business talk:
I’ve begun to read quite a few business books over the past few months. 
From the feedback from followers on Facebook, snapchat etc. I’ve been thinking about how I can develop KYN into a sustainable business. 
My main aim will always be to provide as much value for you as possible, so if I can create a sustainable way of doing this, I can dedicate more time to it, and ultimately provide you with the advice you require.
With that said, I’ll always be giving away 95% of my stuff for free through my blog etc. Anything that you will have to pay for, you can be guaranteed it will be that bit extra in terms of value, whether that is my upcoming cookbook, or online nutrition and exercise coaching in the near future. 
Anyway, I’ve decided I’ll let you in on what I’m doing here, as I want to be transparent and give you an insight into the journey, because ultimately, I want to prove to you (and maybe to myself) that you can make a living fulfilling your passion, if you dedicate yourself to it. 
Thanks for reading :) any questions, let me know.

3 actionable tips you can do now to affect your longterm health and fitness. The first two are simple, the third might need a bit of explaining.
Being accountable to someone else is one sure way to increase your chances of sticking to what you said you would do. It’s the reason people seem to stick to a gym program if they have a friend starting it along with them, or the reason you can train harder when you’re with a team than if you were on your own.
The truth is that we care about what others think about us. We can use this to our advantage and tell someone (whose opinion you care about) what we are going to do (stop eating crap, go to the gym tonight, etc). The fear of them finidng out we weren’t strong enough to carry it out can be enough to keep us consistent in our commitment.

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With my aim of gaining some muscle mass, I’ve been working with @kaizenstrengthcoach who has been doing my programming. 
Although I could do my programming myself, hiring someone else to do it takes away the opportunity for me to pick and choose the exercises I like rather than what I need to be doing. For example, I’ve not done much deadlifting over the past few months, so we’re building it from the ground up to make sure the form is correct and the correct muscles are being used.

I’m not quite sure where this quote came from, but it’s definitely worth contemplating. 
I think it’s basically saying that you should get into the habit of putting your best effort into everything you do, so that you are mentally prepared and automatically go into the zone of giving your best effort, when it matters most. 
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