What is Your ‘Why?’?

I’m sure to some people, this seems like a strange question to be found on a nutrition blog, but as with any endeavour to improve in life, it isn’t just about knowing what to do, it’s about doing it consistently.

In the same way that eating fast-food every now and then won’t have much effect on your health, eating a healthy meal ‘every now and then’ isn’t going to improve your health. You have to do it consistently.

So, back to the ‘Why?’. If we know why we want to do something, we will be more likely to stick to the plan. We all know this deep down. It’s why we go and exercise 3–4 times a week etc. If someone asked you WHY you do this, you’d probably have an answer such as, “to make me a better player, so that I can contribute to the team, and fulfill our potential in competition.” Or “to make my body stronger, so that I am able to run around with my children in the park.” Our ‘Why?’ here keeps us working hard on a consistent basis.

We can apply this principle to our nutrition. If we can answer the question “Why do you want to improve your nutrition and health?” with a meaningful answer such as “I want to improve my energy levels so that I can improve my performance and get onto the starting team.” Or “I know that improving my nutrition will lead to me staying mentally more alert and focussed, and I can then improve my work performance.” then how much more likely are we to be motivated to cook our lunch the night before work, or prepare meals in advance because we know we won’t have time later, or to cook our friends or partner a meal on Saturday night instead of just calling the fast food shop?

Genuinely ask yourself “Why?”, when you want to make any change in your life. Find the deepest, most meaningful reason you can think of.

Use this answer, daily, to motivate you towards your goals.

Hope this helps! Conor.

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