New year, new chapter

Once again the beginning of a new yeat has arrived, and as usual, my favourite moment to get melancholic and philosophical and reflect about the last twelve months of my life.

I have to say that 2015 has been a totally unexpected year. I started it at home, with my family, and continued the celebretacion with my friends, dressed with a koala pyjama and eating strawberry jelly with vodka (nothing better than a relaxed celebration at home). After a week, I went back to Ireland, to that small and lost street in the middle of the countryside of county Cork, with my little devils. I lived my first St. Patrick’s in Dublin, and I had the best holidays in family of the last years. Not forgetting my visit to London, when I still thought that my near future was in Ireland. Unexpected events made my experience as an Au Pair end before time, and my plans of staying in the country of the dark beer were moved to London, giving me the opportunity of enjoying three months of summer holidays in Almeria. OH, what a holidays… My family, my best friends, my cousin visit, Mojacar (oh, Mojacar), Porron’s Anniversary (blessed calimochos), my brief stay in Cuenca, the fair… Definitely, an unforgettable and incredible summer, full of experiences.

And with the end of the fair and the beginning of September, the time for a new adventure arrived, London. Here I got my first job, on my dear Starbucks, on a store in the city centre and with and incredible team, my first opportunity to grow, to learn about a business… The happinness of going to work and enjoying what you do. My first experience sharing a flat, which “anecdotes” could expand to a whole new post. My love for Primrose Hill and the afternoons of cider and blanket on the late summer. All its delicious food markets; Camden, Portobello, Borough, Brick Lane… And the Christmas atmosphere; Winterwonderland, Regent and Oxford Streets’ illumination, the crush of tourists on the streets (and their obsession on goint to Starbucks), my first New Year’s Eve abroad…

To sum up, 2015 has been the year of the unexpected changes, the end of lots of stories and beginning of others. The year of not meeting any of the New Year’s resolutions (going for a run five times in 365 days doesn’t count as “Start running”, does it?), but meeting other achievements.

So, for 2016 I wish (for me in particular and everyone in general) that the adventures have only just begun, learning how to live the present and enjoy every moment, being able of keep fighting for what I want, do not stop being positive, and have the chance of keep enjoying the big moments with my family and friends.

(And other New Year’s resolutions that I keep for myself and next year’s post)

What about yours? :)

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