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What’s the one commodity in this world, that we all wish we had more of? Time… Well, other then becoming immortal. I’m going to show you today how automation of your daily tasks will allow you to reclaim your time and build your online presence with minimal effort on your part.

Automation is your best friend when you need to save time. Here’s how you can do it now! Image Credit: Igor Miske on

What automation can be used for?

Automation of tasks is an idea that has picked up alot of attention recently. With the internet being the new medium for companies to communicate to their customers. Or, for bloggers and online celebrities to share their latest work. It makes sense for them to be present online all the time. The problem is they don’t have the time to always be online first hand. One solution is to employ another human to do this job but then that costs alot of money. So, instead use a computer.

Applications, websites and tools have been developed to post, share and like certain things on social media. They can add images. posts and videos to other websites for cross posting. And, they can even send emails on your behalf.

The best part of this is that you get to control every aspect of the process. What accounts can be used, how often they are used. You can even control it down to the exact words it will say for you when it posts.

Basically, it is your own virtual PA but with less complaints.

How it will save you time?

How long does it take to post a tweet? Not long right. But, how long does it take to post the same message on: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Email, Blog and Twitter? Too long right…

Save your self all this time but setting up automatic actions in apps like IFTTT and Zapier. I’ll get to these in a minute. With these apps, you can post one tweet and then instantly with no effort on your part, the same message has been posted on all your social accounts.

That’s how it will save you time…

How can you automate tasks?

As i mentioned above there are two apps that have become very common in automating your work. These are IFTTT and Zapier. I recommend you check out both of these apps.


I have personally used this app to automate all my marketing. It was especially helpful when i was running a YouTube channel. I could post a video and then have the thumbnail and a brief description blasted across all my social media accounts.

But, IFTTT goes one further then just automating your social media accounts. With new products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa gaining popularity. You can not automate tasks with them. For example, you can set up new actions like getting Google to call your phone if you lost it. You could also get Google to add an event to your iPhone calendar.


Zapier is very much similar to IFTTT in the services they offer. But they offer more granular control over certain actions. Like copying certain data from one sheet to another in Google Sheets depending on certain criteria.

But, one of the best features of Zapier is it’s workflows. Which are essentially, a chain of events that depend on the last action being completed. For example, you could have the following routine. When I receive an email with an attachment copy it to my Dropbox and then post it on twitter. There is three actions in this workflow. However, this is a premium feature, but nonetheless it is still great.

In summary

Automation will save you time no matter what the purpose you have for it. Whether it be marketing or copying attachments or something else. Be sure to tell me, how you plan on using automation in your workflow.

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Thanks for reading :)

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