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Make your relaxing time a productive time

When I say relaxing to you, what do you think of? I know what most people will think of. TV, Playing a game, Listening to music or hanging out with your close and loved ones. What’s wrong with this? Nothing, if you want to be the same everyone else that is… And, if you don’t want to be the same? Then read on…

What’s wrong with these activities

Like I said there is nothing wrong with doing these activities or even similar one to relax. But the problem with them, is that you get nothing done to improve yourself. Nothing in these activities will push you to become a better version of you.

Hanging down the bar, with mates after your shift; sounds like heaven to some people but ask yourself this? But, what did you learn in this period of time? Is what you did in that period of time after work going to benefit you tomorrow or even the day after that?

As H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said “ The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

So before I mention how you can change your relaxing time into productive time. Ask yourself this simple question. How many activities are you doing everyday that isn’t benefiting your tomorrow?

How to relax and be productive

This can be scary to think of for some. Productivity to some is this sacred goal that only the elite can obtain. Well, trust me when I say you can make small changes to your daily life. And, make your relaxing time, a time that will impact your tomorrow.

So, how do you do this? What are the changes? Well simple, first of all, look at your daily activities or even weekly and see what small changes you can make. So, instead of listening to music while relaxing you could change it to a podcast. There are great ones out there such as the TED podcasts. These will teach you about things you probably never thought about. Want bonus points? Couple the TED podcasts with a nice walk or run to be psychically benefited as well as mentally.

What about the TV you ask? Switch it off! Now go find a book (either physical or an eBook). Then, read something that interests you. You won’t realise it but reading is important to becoming a better person. There is a reason that all the most successful people in the world read ALOT!

At the start of Warren Buffet’s investing career he would read between 600 and 1000 pages per day! Now, you haven’t got to read that much but even 10–30 pages will over time make you a smarter, healthier and better person.

Do you have that burning idea for a project in your mind? Well, you could always use some time you would relax in to start that project. And, you could actually end up relaxing while working. Try it, if you have the right project you’ll love it!


If you have any other ideas for how people can relax and be productive at the same time. Then please put them down below for everyone to read!

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