Only one currency matters…

Only one currency matters! Image Credit: NeONBRAND on

Let’s clear one thing up straight away. Money is materialistic. Yes, you need it to survive healthy in this world but that doesn’t mean it’s the main currency in this world.

So, if it isn’t money then what it is? It’s the time object we all live our lives by. The currency that everyone has a finite amount of and you can’t make more of. It doesn’t matter if your’e a millionaire, you can still have less of this then a poor man. What am i on about?


Without this one currency, we wouldn’t alive. So don’t waste it!

Everyone gets the same amount per day. 86400 seconds to be exact. So don’t waste them.

Bill Gates gets 86400 seconds, so does Opera and so does Barrack Obama.

So don’t go around making excuses as to why you can’t make your dreams happen. Because at the end of the day your idles in this world only got the same time as you!

They aren’t complaining about not having the time. They made time and so should you!

Don’t waste your time, go make every second count! Every second of every day is yours for the taking! Go take it and use it productively.

Story 22 of 31–31 day writing challenge