The Problem with Having goals

Having goals is one of the many parts of being an aspiring individual who wants to be someone in the world of today. But there is one fundamental problem with them. TIME.

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The problem

Many people, including myself, have tried using the SMART goal system in the past. It is a great system but it does have one or two caveats that can hinder rather than help the goal achiever.

SMART goals state that the goal must be time-bound. This is the problem. Not because it can’t be achieved in the time we think it can but rather because it shouldn’t be.

How do we know how long a project should take? Should learning a skill take 12 months or 4? Should getting fit take 6 weeks or 20? These things we simply do not know. So, instead, we base our goals of knowledge from other people. But this has another fundamental problem.

The thing is people are happy to say they got fit to in 2 months which is great on the surface but what happens after a bit of digging? On further investigation, we find out that what they meant was they got to lose was a few pounds. But is that our goal?

Do you see the problem?

Basing our goals of others timelines only work if the goal is the same. If they are not then the goals’ time frames simply are not compatible and it’s bound for failure and disappointment.

The solution

Achieve the goals you want but with a loose time frame.

You need to have a time frame to motivate yourself to finish by a set time but make it a loose time frame. If you go past the deadline so be it. Don’t sweat it.


Time frames and deadlines can make you lose quality and quality is everything nowadays. You beat your competition by offering a better quality product. Being first to the market is okay as long as no-one brings a higher quality product soon after you.

Take your time and get the quality you want. Goals are great but don’t get hung up on the time. The quality is worth the extra time!

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