Before you say yes to a coffee catch up, ensure that you have the time, are enthusiastic about it and there is a mutual benefit to both sides. If not, abandon ship
The Curse Of Being Extraordinary
Tim Denning

This doesn’t just apply to coffee catch ups if you ask me. Everything we do in this world must have some form of benefit to both sides wether it be emotional or tangible. Money or love. Power or knowledge. Everything we do has some form of benefit, after all that’s why we do it. Isn’t it?

We shouldn’t just abandon ship on coffee mornings to avoid talking to certain individuals. We should be abandoning ship on anything that doesn’t move us towards our final destination.

The better solution however would to not even get on the ship. You wouldn’t get a ship to take you away from your destination, would you? So, why would you use your time to do something that doesn’t progress you towards your end goal?

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