Why do we care about other’s private life?

The reason why the world is so interested in some people’s life and how media uses that.

-“Let me watch the Kardashian’s show!”
- “No way! My turn now!”
-“But in this episode Kim buys a new dress and discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her!”
-“Oh god, let’s go for it right now”

This dialogue is a typical conversation between two teen girls who have the need to be in front of the tv, wasting their time and watching how a family discusses about the tonight’s party outfit. Really, people, this is serious. I’m gonna pass out if I that problem isn’t solved within the next couple of minutes (sarcasm). Maybe some of you make fun of this ridiculous situation but the truth is, today more than ever, things like this are happening more often. We have to start being conscious about it. Either being friends or parents the objective is the same; spread the idea of the really awful meaning of this tv programmes that ruins our heads causing dependence, brain issues, insecurity at an early age and mostly, anti-social habits. We can witness the last one by looking at boys and girls who are always glued to their cellphones, chatting around, playing online games and, I hope not, seeking for pokemons. True waste of time. Anyway, there are some studious who claim to be healthy because it distracts and liberate them from stress. Well, I don’t feel that’s an excuse or some kind of answer. 
Now, moving to personal theories, this new behaviour has come to our time and make us to take a sit, listen to a few thoughts and reflect about what’s going on.
We consume hours and hours of showbiz, interviews with famous guys, reality shows, live organized fights, debates about fashion featuring actors, among others. I feel the duty of explaining the reasons. Subconsciously people want to know about the others, what they are doing, how they are carrying it out, for what purposes, etc. They do wanna know because they don’t feel secure about their own issues and problems. They have to make sure they are doing the things correctly to achieve goals and there is something that has to do with their minds. Something they develop through the years by looking all that meaningless garbage. It is worth stating the fact that boredom brings us closer to others private life, we do nothing about ours so we pay attention to useless things that other person does. Things that doesnt help us in our goal, in our way to get to that so wanted point. It is desired what we can’t have, or what is difficult to accomplish, and also what we wish we could ever have in our thirsty hands. This is totally psychological, it has been always stuck in a lot of heads. The endless road of discovering ourselves has suffered a unfortunate detour and the path these millennials are choosing is completely mistaken.

Masses obey, in a sense, the media. We really don’t have a clue of this because we dont give importance to it. Huge mistake. It might be our fault and comes from listening to false arguments, reading the lies that the newspaper ask us to believe every single day and, of course, watching armed discourses from governments and executives of other categories. Media companies are not stupid and thank to all these new social networking they find out what people like or dislike, what do they wish to have or see and take advantage of the situation.

I know for sure that many of you already noticed about this happenings but who no one does something about it, no one really cares. Well, my aim is to start making some changes here by writing this piece and, if I’m lucky enough, wake your ideas or feelings. Let’s start to be conscious. Let’s begin.