When ‘Agile’ Methods Lead to Poor Design

Fantastic article. Having witnessed this first hand it’s good to know it’s a common problem. I think that it is very difficult to launch a product in this incremental fashion, and the biggest hurdle is the client-agency model. It demands significant RoI for the project, which leads to the “agile” (but actually massively waterfall) approach. That’s why the incremental release of features to an app, like Instagram, are actually successful, because they build on existing features. But also, it’s probably because of the fact that this is done in-house, not by an agency. I think that the client-agency model is an extremely successful one and can be used to make significant leaps in e-commerce and marketing websites, but when it comes to digital product design, the incremental approach with a genuinely agile methodology is probably the best, in-house or not.

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