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4 min readOct 19, 2018


Great brands solve problems. When making money is a by-product, you flourish.

Historically, great leaps forward in our quality of life have come from business. A blacksmith setting down his first anvil in a new town would herald massive improvements in the quality of tools, construction and security for all the townspeople. They have problems and his business supplies the solution.

Fast forward to the industrial revolution. Inventions like the steam engine, automobile and aeroplane greatly reduced the cost of transport, created jobs and opened up a world of trade. Cheaper, higher quality products were made available to more people than ever.

In the twentieth century, however, something shifted. Trade grew abstract: screens, spreadsheets and numbers replaced people. Business morphed into a game of pleasing shareholders and ticking boxes. For a while, living in this bubble worked. Stockbrokers, bankers, and property developers made money hand over fist. But at what cost?

We found out in 2008 when the bubble burst. The illusion of the housing market, propped up by false promises, illicit deals and crooked business, collapsed under the weight of its own lie. And it was the consumer who paid the price. The financial crisis came as a harsh wakeup call to the public. The big businesses that we grew up with, the ones who ran ads about how much they loved us, didn’t actually care. The town blacksmith was dead.

But the financial crisis also signalled the birth of a new breed of consumer. One cynical enough to look past what companies say and see what they actually do. And with this heightened consumer awareness comes a new responsibility. Or rather, the return of an old one.

80% of consumers are willing to pay more for a brand that supports a cause that is important to them.

65% believe that brands have a responsibility to give back to society.

62% of people want to work for companies that make a positive impact.

In the internet era, everything is accessible. The public can and will pick apart a business to find its secrets. The backhanded deals are now lit up with a spotlight. We no longer want to support businesses built for profit. We want businesses built for us.

The companies that thrive are the ones that genuinely help people. The ones inventing the 21st century equivalent of the steam engine; companies that question the way things are, identify the problem and present a brand new way of thinking we’ve never had before.

Let’s look at Farmdrop for a moment. For years Farmers have been watching their margins dwindle. While farmers’ markets seemed like a solution, for both farmer and customer, they just weren’t that convenient. They ended up limiting when customers could and couldn’t buy food.

Enter Farmdrop with a disruptive new vision. One manifested in every layer of their model. Farmers who sell through them no longer get short-changed, earning a 75% share of the retail price. That is double what they made before with supermarkets.

And this approach goes beyond just their financial structure. Farmdrop pride themselves on having the highest animal welfare standards. Their beef, lamb, poultry and pork is all 100% free range. It is entirely ethical produce that is then delivered directly to the consumer’s doorstep in fully compostable plastic-free bags.

It’s working too. Sales have increased by around 600% over the last year, with revenue in 2017 around £3m. All because Farmdrop are fixing the problems that matter to their consumers.

This wave of young aware consumers has been branded as the ‘Millennial Problem’ but at Confederation Studio we see it for what it is: the ‘Millennial Solution’. It marks the return of social responsibility and true innovation. It draws a line in the sand for new businesses to step across with bold missions in their hearts.

Businesses can’t afford to exist in social vacuums anymore but the real question is: why would they want to?

Articulating this mission can be difficult but it is a challenge that Confederation Studio are here to take on. With more avenues of communication than ever, we help you to show the world how you care.



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