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In this digital age, event marketing has certainly become a more complex procedure. Here are six tips to help event planners get on track and get the ball rolling:

1. Engaging websites

It is easy to overload a website with dense promotional text. This can be easily avoided by creating a good looking website with content that is easy to scan. The main thought process should not be how to promote and sell event tickets, rather to create meaning and appeal to the audience. Event marketers should ask themselves: Why is this event important and how will it influence the given industry?

2. Use social media

One of the best ways to promote your event is by engaging attendees through the various social media platforms. Many organizers consider this to be the most important event marketing tool for building a community and creating awareness. Twitter is one of the best suited social media platforms since it is designed for on-the-spot updates.

3. Satellite events

Organizing mini events around your main event is a nice way to personally engage conference attendees. This not only gives a face to your brand, but also gives event planners a chance to introduce the nitty-gritty topics that will be covered during the conference.

4. Use media channels

Contact local bloggers, newspapers or any other media channel that can get information about the event out on the web. Getting in contact with these people is not an easy affair; however it can be done through twitter or Linkedin. After they write about the event, make sure to have them come check it out in person if possible.

5. Involve the community

Event planners have a very busy schedule filled with important day to day event management tasks. It can be a huge help to involve the community so that it can grow organically. One way to involve the community is by asking engaging questions relevant to the given industry.

6. Involve the speakers

When event planners are having a tough time building a community and creating an environment that promotes social networking online, speakers can be used to engage the audience even before the event. Involving the speakers is also a great way to introduce themselves and the topics that they will cover during their presentation.

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Originally published at www.conferize.com on May 13, 2015.

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