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It is an unwritten rule that most professionals follow, “don’t mix business with pleasure”. When it comes to European Pirate Summit those professionals can let that rule sink into Davy Jones’ Locker. Thus far the event offered hidden treasures such as; a zip-line, fire-breathing dragons and a burning man all set in Cologne’s tumultuous scrap yard.

Picture via — peacechild.org

That being said, pirates are best known for two things; disrupting the natural order of things and making people walk the plank. Pirate Summit takes these two concepts very seriously. The event will be showcasing disruptive business models and making over 80 startups “walk the plank” and pitch their ideas to several enterprising “sharks” in a sink or swim struggle. Once the fish is out of the water, attendees will have a chance to be among like-minded and adventurous people.

Picture via — nikos.vc

All of this is good and jolly, but what would a pirate summit look like without a boat? Luckily attendees won’t have to find out. Founders and investors will have a chance to board ship and share a bottle of rum with each other so that parleying won’t have to be such an arduous task.

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Originally published at www.conferize.com on August 6, 2015.

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