Deeds that Glorify God

Wilhelmus à Brakel

The godly glorify God with deeds. They do so,

(1) When, with the objective to render God honour and glory, they humble themselves before the Lord as a sinner and as one worthy of condemnation, and flee to Him for grace, thus rendering Him honour for His mercy;

(2) When they request all that they desire from the Lord, thus acknowledging Him as the origin and giver of all good things;

(3) When they humbly bow before Him to honour Him in His adorable majesty;

(4) When they, motivated by the fear of God, subdue a stirring sin, thus rendering Him honour for His holiness and stupendous majesty;

(5) When they take refuge to Him for protection and without fear hide in Him, thus glorifying Him in His omnipotence and faithfulness;

(6) When they make themselves available to God for service, saying, ―Oh Lord, surely I am Thy servant, I am Thy servant, thus rendering Him honour for His sovereign dominion and His worthiness to be served;

(7) When they, in all manner of crosses, silently subject themselves to Him, thus rendering Him honour for His wisdom and compassion.

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