How to Obtain Spiritual Joy

Thomas Watson

Walk consistently and spiritually. 
God gives joy after long and close walking with him.

1. Observe your hours.

Set time every day apart for God.

2. Mourn for sin.

“Mourning is the seed,” as Basil says, “out of which the flower of spiritual joy grows.” “I will comfort those who mourn.” Isa 57:18.

3. Keep the book of conscience fair written.

Do not by presumptuous sins, blur your evidences. A good conscience is the ark in which God puts the hidden manna!

4. Be often upon your knees

Pray with life and fervency. The same Spirit who fills the heart with sighs — fills it with joys. The same Spirit who inspires the prayer — seals it. When Hannah had prayed, her countenance was no longer sad. I Sam 1:18. Praying Christians have much fellowship with God; and none are so likely to have the secrets of his love imparted, as those who hold correspondence with him. By close walking with God, we get clusters of Eshcol’s grapes along the way, which are pledge of future happiness.

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