Dear LN,

I have been thinking about you.

I know some time has passed since we last spoke. The conversation wasn’t ideal — it didn’t end up going the way either of us had expected. We both pictured a happy ending.

We both had an amazing time getting to know each other. Our interests were so aligned beyond our imagination. You and I… we had so many things in common. I felt that I could naturally be myself around you. We felt that we were special to one another; so discretely unique that we have truly found our other halves — the piece that mirrored us and made us whole.

You were apart of my highest highs, yet there were times that you made me sink to my lowest lows. There were glimpses were I had felt that you were right for me, and then there were times that you were ripping me to pieces with your cold gaze. Our similarities were what attracted me most to you but it inevitably led to our downfall.

We were just simply closed off to the truth about our emotions for each other.

I’d, figuratively, bang my head against the wall just wondering if you felt the same way; if you cared as much as I did, if you were seeing someone else and felt the same way about them, or if you wanted to be with me. The doubt killed me, drowned me drunk. It was what… made us NOT right for each other. I loved the idea of loving you, but hated the fact I had such strong emotions for you.

You didn’t know it, but you were secretly meddling in my emotions by telling me other people you’ve been involved with. I started seeing other people and because of that I met someone that, although may not be like you, is extremely thankful to be with me each and every day. I knew you didn’t approve of this, but you were defeated in your own game of chess.

Yet, I still think of you…

You were you, and I was me. In a way, we are the same but that is why we can never be (rhyme intentional).

Sincerely yours, (oh and fuck you)