Confideal Weekly Update #2

Hello again, dear friends! Here’s our second weekly review, where we will talk about some exciting news, Confideal World Tour, new publications, and our live Q&A sessions.

Breaking News

This week was marked by some important breakthroughs, as Confideal was recognized among the top 3 (out of 600+) ICOs in the world, and gained 5.0 out of 5 points of credibility according to ICObench.

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Confideal World Tour Updates

This week we visited another venue of our world tour: the 4th Annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference taking place in Kiev. Once there, we educated people on the future of smart contract adoption and answered dozens of questions about Confideal.

Left to right: Peter Bel, Anna Kulikova, Maxim Uperyaka


Being constantly bombarded with various questions on how our platform functions,we created a quick animation explaining the basics of Confideal’s platform!


We are diligently working to make our services useful for everyone, and we continue to add new analytical editorials concerning smart contracts and blockchain based arbitration, and time consensus.

Top 3 articles featuring Confideal

The more people learn about Confideal, the more great articles about Confideal appear on the internet. So there is no need for you to fish for them, we selected the best pics of the week here. We chose three of the best, but this is just the tip of the iceberg!

NewsBTC: Smart Contracts and the Future of International Trade
Bitcoinist: Confideal Brings Smart Contracts into the Mainstream Business World
CryptoNinjas: Real world use cases for smart contract platform Confideal

Chance to interact directly

We kicked off the week with a Facebook live session, where both our CEO Petr Belousov and CMO Alexey Semionov were answering questions from our subscribers.

We appreciated all the interest shown during our Q&A session, and so decided to launch another one where three other team members delved more into recent project developments, the Confideal ecosystem, and Confideal ICO plans.

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That about wraps it up for our Confideal Weekly Review, and we certainly hope you’ve enjoyed the read! Let us know if you have any questions, or simply drop us a line at our Telegram chat.

See you next week,

Stay cheerful, stay smart!

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PPS. Confideal’s ICO starts in 16 days!

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