Important facts of offshore foundations in Panama

According to market advisers and experts holding vast knowledge and experience in offshore business, a Panama foundation is the best offshore asset protection structure available today in the international market.

Following are some of the important facts about offshore foundations in Panama.

Offshore foundations in Panama

Panama is second most popular jurisdiction — Panama is the registered abode for over 400,00 corporations and foundations. This makes it the second most popular jurisdiction in the world, next to Hong Kong.

No capital requirement or taxes — Panama jurisdiction does not impose a tax on offshore foundations in Panama. Even Paid-In Capital is not required.

Anonymous possession and Control — The protector and beneficiaries are not required to be publicly registered. The protectors can be protected through a private protectorate document, and the beneficiaries can be appointed through a private letter of wishes, written and signed by the private protector.

Flexibility and convenience— Offshore foundations in Panama offer great flexibility and convenience. It is not necessary for the interested parties to be available in Panama for establishing the foundation.

No need of business license — Panama foundations do not require a business license to run internationally.

There are many more benefits of setting up offshore foundations in Panama. You can get in touch with an expert with good knowledge of offshore foundations if you are interested. You can even take their assistance if you want to educate yourself about setting up offshore bank accounts or low risk merchant processing.

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