Politics made me eat my breakfast

I lost that little piece of soul that still existed
Between the there and the now
The day that my heart bled for the last time
I cupped my hands
Caught the lions share
Went about my business
There and the now
Being the useless waiting place
Where questions die on the lips
I keep mine hidden
Resignation stifles them behind glass walls
Of camaraderie and acceptance
Resignation keeps the cry from turning into a roar
I am old I realize
The certainty replaced with sagging skin
The determination matched by roots dying with age
Colour fading and care waning
I watch as the march goes on
It’s dwindling numbers eating away at the empty space
My heart died
Jackboot cracking psyche, will and bread at the table
I watch the show
As closely as I watch this rock gathering speed
Level the lives of the people it passes
Falling into this totalitarian path that is being carved
Voices fading, the fight waning, falling from the bones
Cracking like fine china in the squeezing grip
Of frenzied hunger, of entitled certainty, of churlish power
False promises, declarations of care, exclamations of empathy
Fall deaf and flat; my ears are battle scarred from a thousand men’s promises
They spit epitaphs for the disenfranchised, the worn and the hopeful
I catch the light in their eyes, waiting their time, biding their time
To rape, fuck, delve, strain, nail and tear open
Digging deep, drawing blood, opening the old wounds
One man replaces the other, same face, same game, same end
Come, conquer, come again, force you to swallow, and leave
Just another vessel to be left to clean itself up at the bottom of the pile
With every expulsion a past wrong is righted is it not?
A new wrong created for the next man to right
And with each wrong
My soul is further away, a faint line in the distance
Knowing you can never affect change is the quickest death

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