You want to matter when there is nothing to concern

I may be a bit of a traditionalist

I admit to that fault, it is not breaking news

I am not picking up pieces that you are slicing off

with your razor sharp observational comedy

You really are just smoke without fire

A dog without a bark and a bite

neutered in self satisfaction

You can slice and sluice away

I have the perfect heart, it beats, pumps, and produces

the required output to loom through life

A few overly intimate insinuations won’t destroy me

You were little more than a distraction

I was a dusty dogs tail swatting lazily at you

There is not much to say for me

I spend much time pacing the room

I don’t wish to be desired

I don’t wish to be retained

I may be a bit of a traditionalist

But that observation won’t be breaking news

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