What is Conduit search virus | Remove Conduit

Conduit search toolbar virus by conduit.com is a malware that hijacks your computer browser. The symptoms of conduit.com virus are that your internet will work slower and you will be exposed to unwanted ads while surfing internet. It is very frustrating experience to see unexpected browser behavior. Conduit search hijacks your computer browser and often displays ads, popup and other promotions materials on user’s mouse behavior. Conduit search virus has the ability to change your default homepage to its own search page. Modern browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox behave erratic in presence of Conduit search virus. Moreover, windows and Mac based computers provide little security against Conduit virus. No matter which browser you are using (Chrome or Internet Explorer), no matter which operating system you have (Windows or Mac based), Conduit can hijack your computer in no time; trust the experts to remove conduit from your computer to never see it again. http://www.conduit.repair/about-conduit-search-virus.html