Is it time to let it go?

Whatever happened in past is meant to stay there.

Do you still remember those hurtful words that your friend used years back?Do the past mishaps flash before your eyes occasionally and you feel fixated to those thoughts afterward? How many of you are still carrying the burden of past breakups and trauma?

If not, good. But most of them carries it to their grave.

I am no different than the given lot, I too had my past experiences hooked to me. I reached to a state where those past experiences started to tamper me. I was living in the past — incapable of savoring the present that I have.

I started avoiding people, dragging the social circle closer to me. It was hard for me to concentrate on anything.

All those self-help books that I read never brought a change. I was still the sober self I was. I started reasoning if these ways worked for others, why not me? Why couldn’t I change myself?

Then I realized. The issue was not with the content of those books, but myself. I was dragging too much of my past with me. This made me realize that I should learn the art of letting go.

It’s not easy as I said. It takes time, practice and utmost of your will power. The only obstacle you will face is yourself. You will find ways to bring those memories back even with a slight trigger you could find. So you have to find ways to dodge that.

I use some methods to keep away whenever these thoughts arise. I call these methods as shifters. It maybe listening to a playlist I have or talking a stroll in the park. I follow different shifters to keep myself away from these thoughts.

The more I practice, the fewer occurrences I face. It’s hard to let it all go, but at least you can start with a few and move on with your life.

Sooner or later we’ve all got to let go of our past.” ~ Dan Brown