What do you do when you want to become everything?

Maybe you too want to become everything.

If you are expecting for a solution, I am not offering any.

I want to become a writer who creates masterpieces on each pen stroke. 
I want to become a humanitarian who can wipe out all the issues mankind is facing right now.
I want to become a Programmer who builds the next big thing.
I want to become a Hacker who can hack into any systems in the world.
I want to become a Music Composer who composes the finest set of music that anyone would ever listen to.
I want to become a nomad who travels throughout the world and find peace in that.

These are just a speck of things that I want to become. There are much more that pops up into my mind now and then.

So you may ask me now, ‘Hey, what do you do for a living ?’.

I am currently working as a Web Developer. You may not be able to fit me in the best lot of Developers out there, but I ain’t worst. (I truly want to believe what I have is an Imposter Syndrome)

Do you know the foremost issue when you want to become everything? You end up becoming nothing.

Let me tell you about something that happened in past.

Before three years, I started reading a book ‘Tathaastu’ written by Sajeev Nair. In the preface, the author says you need to have a primary goal set, and to work towards it. Otherwise, you would end up going to places you never want to. And in the first chapter, he asks to set your goal and then only proceed to further chapter.

And you could assume what happened next. I never read the whole book coz I couldn’t set my mind on a single goal. I sold that book this March on a second-hand sale.

But since past few days, I am feeling more like I should have a goal set for my life. And this is just an effort that I am making in finding that goal.

The only resource that you cannot afford to waste is time. Maybe I will soon discover what I really want to become. And this is just a stride towards that path.

I hope everyone who feels like me will find their zen too.