Millions of years ago, the world was dominated by dinosaurs. At a time when the 5th Ice Age (more than 60 million years ago) a natural phenomenon has seriously damaged the biosphere on Earth. It leads to rapid and large-scale ecosystem destruction. Consequences of many species can not adapt and become extinct. Including dinosaurs are dominating the Earth at that time.

OK. We are not in the classroom of history or biology. What I want to say here is that in this turbulent world, it does not matter if you are the head or not, if you can not adapt to change you will be eliminated.

We’ve seen a lot of tech companies stand out for a long time, but how hard are they when technology changes. For a business, being unable to make more money is not as damaging as spending too much on maintenance or upgrades; Because we will always have to update to meet the needs of customers.

Technology is like fashion. Not ready to sell out, it has become obsolete. So making a non-obsolete software in the long run is the right investment. The value of a software lies not only in the business, but also in how it can adapt to the changing needs.

As a development manager, you want your team to create products quickly, to meet the very urgent demand is going on. That’s nothing wrong. The mistake is that you care too much for the business, but do not have enough attention for design. You do not invest in it early because you think your software only needs to meet the requirements, if it is not good to be able to “refactor” in the future.

But the future is not like what you think. Behind the “Publish” button is a new door open. Your team has moved from the development phase to the operational phase. Market pressures never give you time to breathe, not to mention having time to restructure. Operation — Maintenance — Upgrading. And this process never stops. Because you can prepare longer but once you are on the race, stop means losing.

You can not agree with me because you are the payer, you have the right to see your product quickly. If we do not make this product sooner then the opponent will do sooner. Remember: An easy prey is only on the hook. The problem is that the hook is always inside. But in most hurried plans, the difficulty is not counted. Do it to succeed, not to be background for others. You do not need to be the first person to make a product, you just make it the best.

Work smarter, not harder

Look at this picture, The first starter does not mean that he will finish first.

“Work smarter, not harder”

To be continued…