Willful ignorance lands on all sides of the political spectrum, thanks to a priori philosophical…
Joe Roberts

I’d recommend you reread the article, as you co-mingle proven facts with opinions in your examples as a way to tear down your opposition’s high ground rather than elevate your own.

It has been proven in court that tobacco companies willfully mislead.

It has not been proven that Bill Cosby raped. No one defends Cosby’s alleged rapes, but “innocent until proven guilty” is our government’s official position, thankfully.

It has been disproved that Planned Parenthood “sells” baby parts. Planned Parenthood was reimbursed for the cost of transporting fetal tissue to scientific research organizations, and no longer accept even that.

Clinton’s rape accusers are unproven. Hillary’s denials are unproven. Progressives do not support rape, even if by a progressive politician or her spouse. If proven, no one will support Bill or Hillary.

“Middle Eastern immigrants” don’t have a “rape culture” — some subsections of Middle Eastern populations do, the same as Catholic priests have a proven “pedophile culture,” but not the majority of Catholic priests are pedophiles, and no one is calling for the wholesale deportation of all Catholic priests.

It could be called “intellectual acrobatics” that you attempt to paint all progressives and conservatives as equal.