Unbundle Bitcoin Wallet

  1. Easily buy and sell various types of cryptocurrencies in a local currency
  2. Easily send, receive, and exchange other types of cryptocurrency. (Most wallets nowadays support multiple types of coins although they differ in coverage)
  3. Store and trade other types of digital collectibles in the same wallet (Coinbase Wallet)
  4. Easily export keys and import them to other wallets (Electrum)
  5. Paper wallet sweep support (BIP38)
  6. Integration with bank accounts and credit and debit cards
  7. Embedded third-party integration with dApp, colored coins, etc.
  8. Get paid in cryptos by doing tasks, answering questions, etc. (Coinbase Wallet)
  1. Clean, easy-to-use UX for beginners
  2. Email notifications for activities, transactions, payments, etc.
  3. Push notifications on the apps for account activities, transactions, payments, etc.
  4. Customization of wallet name, colors, etc.
  5. Multi-language and local currency support
  6. Instant transactions using servers that index the blockchain
  7. Nicknames supported for friends to pay each other using the same type of wallet
  8. Daily blockchain headline news and updates from a range of trusted sources
  1. Shared accounts (requiring multiple users to sign one transaction; good for business)
  2. Escrow-protected business transactions
  1. BIP32 HD wallet management (creation and backup)
  2. Device-based security (private keys are stored locally, not in the cloud)
  3. Keep your private keys offline and go online with a watching-only wallet (Electrum)
  4. Bitcoin-only firmware specifically designed to contain code enabling only bitcoin wallet operations (cold storage only)
  5. Two-factor authentication as additional security
  6. GPG encryption (Trezor)
  7. Use the wallet as your password manager for other applications (Trezor)
  1. Full node verification (bitcoin core; better privacy)
  2. Connecting through Tor (Electrum)
  1. Secure payments through USB, offline signing process, etc.
  2. Ability to set spending limits
  3. Smart fee estimation for transactions
  4. Send crypto coins or even traditional currencies to other users of the wallet for free
  5. Send traditional currencies to bank accounts in many countries around the globe (Xapo)
  6. View current balance, search transaction history, and even find detailed coin information
  1. Explore across blockchains (Jaxx)
  2. Support for bitcoin testnet wallet (Copay)
  1. Billing and invoicing support
  2. Advanced investment features, such as portfolio management and hedging
  3. Fast customer support, sometimes with promises of responding within two hours, etc.




Try the untried, find smart people, and write solid code. Programming is a lot of boring work leading to a few magic moments. Not a dreamer, but a magician.

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Congxing Cai

Congxing Cai

Try the untried, find smart people, and write solid code. Programming is a lot of boring work leading to a few magic moments. Not a dreamer, but a magician.

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