Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
Spencer Gundert

Here is my 5 cents: all the instances of closed polling stations, missing registration forms, missing ballots, switched registrations, pre-election polling done on small unrepresentative samples and then actual election results matching these flawed polls, but not the much more methodologically accurate exist polls…all of these make a person go hmm…Is it all just random incompetence or is this planned? And the answer is — if we are not sure we should have an audit. This is what citizens in Chicago did and they discovered the results were tampered with, giving a double digit advantage to Clinton while in reality Sanders had more votes. How is this not resulting in a call to audit results in all the primaries, I don’t understand. 
So let’s not speculate who was affected more by the voter purge in NY, let’s have an audit and see. And let’s get rid of machines that can be rigged. BTW all my liberal friends never had any problem believing that Bush stole the election from Gore with the help of his brother, but can’t accept it as a possibility that anyone is helping Clinton get a little bit more votes here and there.

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