Working Gears in the Classroom.
Lizeth Astorga

Liz, I absolutely love this post! I definitely agree with having that partnership with the student and the parents at home. The teacher can only do so much in the classroom; parent involvement is needed in the student’s academic journey. The comparison with gears of the clock is a great way deeply visualize what is the student needs to succeed. I really enjoyed reading your post. I was able to relate with many of the things you were saying. My master teacher also had a similar way of communicating with the parents. I never really though much about it as an effective mode of communication because of the format she uses. My teacher would simply print a weekly progress report and send it home for a signature. The example your shared in your post makes more sense! I think having the student involved in this form of communication is better!

Again, I enjoyed reading this postJ (picture were a plus!)

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