Extends Pre-Sale, Sets New Date for Main Sale

We’ll be slightly revising our STO schedule; please note that the pricing and figures won’t change, only the schedule.

There are a few reasons why we feel this is the right decision:

From an ICO to an STO Schedule

When we initially transitioned from an ICO to an STO, we left the original ICO schedule in place. There’s a stark contrast between the two approaches, so it’s something that we now need to address and account for.

Rewards System Overview

This article is a companion to the Conjure Web Desktop Prototype.

Quick Briefing

To reiterate, the purpose of the prototype is to provide a look, feel, and general idea of what to expect on the Conjure platform.

Simply follow the instructions below to reserve your unique username.

1. Follow us on Twitter


2. Complete the Username Reservation Form


Security Token: Profit Sharing

We’ve been receiving plenty of questions from our community about the Conjure Token, and the benefits of acquiring and holding it.

Where is CJR income sourced from?

CJR holders will receive monthly dividends sourced from Conjure’s Net Ad Revenue. Ten percent (10%) of Net Ad Revenue will be distributed to holders each month, on a pro rata basis.

YouTube Platform Statistics

  • 2,000,000,000 Monthly…

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with TranslateMe. Together, Conjure and TranslateMe, will provide a barrier free platform for content creators and consumers.

How do I register for Conjures token sale?
You can register for our token sale by signing up and filling out our KYC requirements. See instructions on how to signup here.

Users on the Conjure platform will build their content feed and shape their experience through following creators and joining communities.

Please be extremely careful with phishing scams. Now that the sale has started, you may begin to notice fake accounts pretending to be a Conjure admin are messaging you. Every admin will have the admin status next to their name. We will never message anyone on Telegram or any other platform asking for money. The only way to participate in the sale is on website. If you have any suspicion or find an impersonator, please bring it to our awareness in the Conjure chat and we will block the scammer in the chat and make a public announcement.

The Conjure team would like to give a big thank you to everybody who has been with us so far on the journey. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support and new members that we have gotten over the past couple of months and look forward to the many years to come!

We recently made the decision to transfer to a 2 year lock-up period rather than the traditional 1 year lock-up. We want to earn the trust from the community and token holders by showing everyone that we are in it for the long term. The tokens will be displayed in a wallet that we will create and when the time comes, we will announce the public key address of the wallet to the community so that token holders can see that we are holding up to the mentioned lock-up period.


Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency.

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