Conjure and TranslateMe Partner to Break Language Barriers Around the World of Content

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with TranslateMe. Together, Conjure and TranslateMe, will provide a barrier free platform for content creators and consumers.

TranslateMe is a decentralized translation solution that is rapidly solving issues within the translation industry. TranslateMe found initial success within the hotel and restaurant markets, providing businesses with menu translations for their international customers.

TranslateMe reduces costs by utilizing Blockchain technology and is building an ecosystem that everybody can make use of. This means that all contributions are pooled into a single point of success and the efforts are not divided but united. The project aims at distributing work and wealth the way it should be.

TranslateMe currently has 400 translators ready to sign up for their platform. When the platform goes live, these 400 people and more, will help curate the translations on the Conjure platform and help people connect that wouldn’t have had the opportunity to connect before.

Nature of the Partnership

Current Integrations
- White paper, Website, & Materials Translations
- Social media, Medium posts, & Telegram translations.

Future Integrations
- Integration with the Conjure platform through an API.
- Captions/Subtitles Translations
- Blog Text Translations
- Comments Translations

The Conjure community can now make use of the TranslateMe Telegram web app, which enables instant chat translations across several languages. All users, regardless of their native tongue, can now converse in a single, unified chat.

This eliminates the need of having to manage multiple, separate Telegram groups for each language. Users can now connect with Conjure from all around the world, no matter what language they speak.

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