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Mar 6 · 2 min read

Users on the Conjure platform will build their content feed and shape their experience through following creators and joining communities.

Whenever a user finds an item of content originating from an individual, they can click underneath a person’s nameplate to explore the rest of the creator’s content with ease. Conjure’s architecture enables an individual to extend their web of influence across multiple communities while still retaining centrality. No matter how unique a creator is, everything they do and make leads back to them.

Interaction between individuals is one of the main drivers of content discovery. When one creator contributes content to another’s page, a link is generated as a byproduct of their collaboration. This helps creators leverage their collective audience. For users, it establishes an unofficial “network” that can be used as a map to explore similar creators and content, fostering an environment built around creative contribution.

Governance by Users
Those users who own the most CONJURE according to account balance will have the most influence over the community. Voting input from community members is critical for Conjure to function. Voting is a crucial contribution and worthy of rewards on its own. Conjure chooses to reward those who contribute the most to the total promotion of a piece of content and rewards the voters proportionally to the ultimate reward paid to the content creator.

The Rewards System — Users

The Rewards System will distribute an amount of CONJURE throughout the platform in fixed intervals to each person that utilizes the platform — a value based on a formula of views, likes, comments, time, among other factors. The rewards system will be sourced from the Conjure Reserves, as well as from advertising. A small percentage of ad revenue will be directed into the Rewards System, which will be redistributed back to the users of the platform based on their creative contribution.


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Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency.

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