Learning Rails Online: Current Plan

As a first step towards becoming full stack developer worthy, I have been searching ways to learn rails online with two goals:

  1. Advanced Understanding (Have dabbled already)
  2. $ As cheaply as possible

Although online bootcamps such as Launch School and Flatiron School offer program guarantees such as helping students find onsite jobs within the US (not something I’m interested in at the moment), the upfront cost is high ($199/month for Launch School and $500+/month Flatiron School) and the program length is quite long (app. 6 months to a year long). There are cheaper, shorter alternatives such as One Month Rails, but the course is aimed at complete beginners/entrepreneurs. From forums such as Quora the following free tutorial seems to be highly endorsed.

Before beginning, he suggests you might want to brush up on CLI, Ruby, HTML/CSS, JavaScript. But then adds…

That said, a surprising number of beginners have used the Ruby on Rails Tutorial to learn web development from scratch, so even if you have limited experience I suggest giving it a try.

Launch School offers the following free guides:

And, Code School has the following free courses/cheap courses

Additionally, Hartl recommends checking out their Ruby path for more advanced topics not covered in his tutorial.

Plan to Publish Progress/Course Notes/Successes/Frustrations/Warnings/etc

Happy Coding :)


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