TL;DR With just three and a half weeks to go, we’re putting our near-final designs through the wringer to validate, challenge, and improve upon the interactions, verbiage, channels, experiences that we’re striving to create.

Lights out, and away we go!

Over the past several weeks, we here at Team Gov AI have been ‘all hands on deck’ to get our most ambitious testing plan ever off the ground for the nearly final iterations of our design. Building on all of our prior work, what we’ve taken to calling our “v2 Usability Testing” is the culmination of our research, design, and development efforts over the past six…

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.”

Looking back at what we already know

Beyond voice, we wanted to envision what visuals would look like to accompany a screening experience. At the start of our summer term, we researched ideas for hand-offs of how a voice experience could be supplemented with a screen and how screens could be used to offer a non-voice interface to input private information via keypad. While we considered hand-offs from one modality to another (eg. …

Conlon Novak

Developer, designer, analyst, and consultant, with a focus on social impact. Any opinions are my own. Pursuing a Master of Human-Computer Interaction @ CMU

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