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Break Free from the Curse of Being Highly Intelligent

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

“person catching light bulb” by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

Being highly intelligent can be a curse with a double-edged sword. The mind is one hell of a tool that is often misused. We all have the choice to sharpen the mind with knowledge or dull the mind with useless information. We can refine or dilute our thoughts based on what we choose to focus on. I realized that by expanding my level of thinking, I can properly apply my intellect and gifts in a way that is both constructive and creative to better articulate my thoughts and ideas.

Having a high IQ of 145 means that I need to constantly keep my brain busy and mind at ease. If I don’t effectively organize my scattered thoughts and keep my ideas in order, I create emotional and mental turmoil and inner-conflict with my being. I get lost in overanalyzing, overthinking, worrying, doubting, obsessing, fantasizing, fearing, and wondering, — my curiosity is like going down a never ending rabbit hole. I love studying, researching, learning, reading, growing, and expanding my consciousness. I find emotional fulfillment by obtaining knowledge and seeking out the truth and higher purpose. There’s nothing I love more than digging deep into my subconscious, — layer by layer, peeling back the past pain and trauma, shedding the ego, and transmuting the pain into inner-strength, wisdom, resilience, and perseverance.

Ignorance truly is bliss since high intelligence is correlated with higher-rates of anxiety, depression, and mental illness. Have you ever met a happy genius? That’s because we are not satisfied and content with average mediocracy. I am a deep-thinker, and crave complex and compelling conversations; that’s how I connect with others, on a deep soul-level. I have absolutely no tolerance for drama, gossip, small-talk, or surface-level, superficial interactions. I have an insatiable appetite for self-growth, discovery, and transformation. I thrive and adapt to change well, — like a social chameleon that can mutate to match the vibration of their surroundings. I see life as one big experimental journey, and I’m always messing with the variables to expand my awareness and maximize my human infinite potential.

I’m unable to check-out in front of the television or mindlessly scroll through my phone for hours on end. I don’t get how people can binge-watch Netflix or play video games all night. I wish it were that easy for me to escape reality, but my brain is not cognitively wired in that way. I have to keep my brain engaged by having many interests and hobbies. I have to constantly learn something new and have multiple passion projects going to channel my creative energy through healthy means of exploration and expression. I found it more effective to create new experiences to disrupt my “routine”, or I will get stuck in rumination, stagnation, and eventually drive myself to insanity to achieve steady and subtle growth on a daily basis.

If my heart is not in it, then I’ll lose interest and become stubborn and impatient. I can feel the difference when I’m doing something I love because it ignites a creative spark from within my imagination that guides me towards inspired action. Writing and recording an episode on my podcast fills me up with energy, rather than depleting and draining my energy. No, I do not always feel motivated to write and create, but the reward is the feeling of accomplishment and one step closer towards achieving my long-term goals and desires. Seeing your time, energy, hard work, effort, and dedication pays off when you put that complex mind to use and discover what you are capable of. Great things happen when you commit to your passion, instead of choosing laziness.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate for doing absolutely nothing and think meditation is essential for our healing, I love being alone in solitude; but the true gift is to look at the bigger picture, and see how breaking down your goals into realistic and practical steps will build something beautiful, meaningful, and sustainable over time. It’s all about laying a stable foundation and striving towards growth, maturity, and steady progression. If you choose to be consistent, diligent, and utilize time as a valuable resource, (rather than just sitting around wasting it), you will succeed. Stop waiting for a big miracle to appear in your life without contributing, giving, or co-creating with the Universe…dance with the Universe and tango your way to manifest your dreams. It just takes one step at a time, day by day, — it’s that simple.

“two person standing on gray tile paving” by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
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