CONNAX partners with one of the World’s most promising cryptocurrencies - Byteball.

CONNAX has signed a cooperation memorandum with Byteball - one of the World’s Top 50 cryptocurrencies, to explore the possibilities of integration of Byteball technology into protected microcontrollers.

CONNAX, currently developing its IoT solution with its partners to provide a reliable technology platform, enabling secure mass deployment and configuration of connected devices. The generated private key on the Byteball DAG platform will remain within the trusted area of secure microcontroller, and will never leave the security contour.

All mathematical operations will be performed within that trusted environment.

“The partnership represents a step up — industrial application of DAG technology” explains СONNAX’s CIO Alex Cohen.

Byteball, in the top tier of cryptocurrency ratings has fascinated cryptofinanciers with performance recently.

“While Blockchain is plagued by problems from miners to slow transactions, DAG — directed acyclic graph — foregoes this problem, and allows for faster transactions, better scalability, transaction finality, and many other features which are steadily placing it on top of the game,” says Byteball’s founder Tony Churyumoff.

In a challenge to IOTA, also on DAG, Byteball offers more features with a transparent approach. It’s potential has been outlined by a loyal community of followers, that have embraced the technology as a quiet partner of choice.

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