Do Something Fun

My boyfriend, a few friends, and I decided to go to an apple orchard. We thought we might as well do something fun that we could only do in the fall! It ended up being a bust because the apple orchard we went to wouldn’t let us pick our own apples, which is the fun part for me. But, we got honey sticks and maple sugar candies and we pet some animals so I was satisfied!

Mind Map (Image)

I only made a mind map digitally.

Mind Map (Digitization)

My mind map would not save. I emailed multiple TA’s and we could not discover the problem. Since I had so many items on my mind map already, it would not have been an efficient use of time to remake my mind map on a school computer just to save it, so I took a screenshot.

Suggested Themes

  1. Counting Calories:

In the world of dieting, I have found that counting calories has recently become a fad. My mom and a few of my friends have tried out apps on their phones where you track what you eat and stay below a certain calorie number per day according to your activity level, size, and if you want to lose or maintain your weight. I wonder if this is more helpful or hurtful. I wonder this because I feel that people would be so focused on counting calories, that they would forget to hit all of their nutrition groups. Also, I wonder how accurate these suggested calorie goals are since they only go off of basic factors such as weighing 120 pounds, being 5ft 2in and working out 3–5 times a week. Overall, I have many doubts about this new trend and I wonder if it is actually working for anyone.

2. Hygiene and Relationships:

I am curious as to what impact hygiene has on your relations with people. Personally, I am more likely to interact with well groomed people, and also I tend to make assumptions about people who do not keep up with their physical appearances. Good hygiene nowadays is demanded by our society’s norms, such as shaving or going to the dentist regularly. I wonder what other’s opinions are of what good hygiene looks like and if it impacts relationships in their life.

3. Service Animals:

My best friend has an emotional support dog and before she got one I really didn’t know that was a serious thing. I knew that blind people have dogs and people with PTSD and so on, but I’m curious of the regulations and so on. Does your dog have to go through training first? Where are you allowed to take your animal? What types of disorders/illnesses can you get a service dog for? Is it necessary in all of these situations?

Luna and I (My best friend’s emotional support dog)

10 Silly Ideas


Friday: Mind Map

Saturday: Go to an apple orchard (something fun)

Sunday: Determine themes, start 10 silly ideas

Monday: Sketch silly ideas, start blog

Wednesday: Scan ideas, put blog together

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