Why do I need permission to launch?

Seems a weird name for a website about lifestyle dreams, desires, and direction maybe?
Or maybe not.

Permission . . .

Your whole life you’ve had to get someone’s permission before you can do what you want to do. From your parents, then your teachers, your superiors at work, official bodies or organisations…the list goes on.

Permits and permissions can be a good thing. We have them to ensure co-operation and smooth running, or safety and well being. The downside is that it can have a negative effect on our self-motivation and empowerment. We can sometimes feel that we need someone to validate our decisions, especially if they go against the flow of the status quo.

What about your dreams, your desires? What if you want to start a journey of discovery and change?

Both Jeff Goins and Seth Godin talk about this.You can’t wait to be picked for the team, mentored, or given the go ahead.

You have to pick yourself and give yourself permission to start that journey and succeed in the area of your dreams and desires.

. . . To Launch

You can launch a ship or space shuttle. You can launch a campaign, strategy, or programme.

The word ‘launch’ speaks about journey, progress, commitment, and achievement.

There’s an eagle in the ‘Permission To Launch’ logo.

How many times has he launched into flight?

You may only launch a space rocket a few times but the eagle launches itself out to fly again and again, stretching out its wings to soar and see new heights.

That’s what we want for you. That’s why we are called ‘Permission to Launch’.

We’re here to help guide and encourage you to do the same as the eagle. To give yourself permission to launch and stretch your wings to see new heights: your dreams and desires.

We know what it’s like, we’ve had to give ourselves that permission and launch ourselves out into the blue unknown, and will have to do so countless more times. But an eagle doesn’t learn to fly alone — that’s why we’re here to equip you and encourage you on.

If we can do it you can do it too.

So give yourself permission to launch.

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