Peanuts vs Pot Deaths


Marijuana opponents continuously talk about the “potential” danger of cannabis use. One would think some real stats would dispel this once and for all. Take a look at this:

Annual Deaths

Tobacco: 435,000

Poor Diet/Exercise: 365,000

Alcohol: 85,000

Prescription Drugs: 32,000

Motor Vehicle Crashes: 42,347

Homicide: 20,308

Aspirin: 7,600

Peanuts 100

Marijuana: 0

So many other things are seriously lethal and yet, this:

First, you will fall into “a delirious rage.” Then you will be gripped by “dreams… of an erotic character.” Then you will “lose the power of connected thought.” Finally, you will reach the inevitable end-point: “Insanity.”

Yes, folks that is the statement made by Harry Anslinge that started the prohibition on marijuana in 1930. Just after alcohol prohibition ended!

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Alcohol is legal. Do a quick search on the benefits of alcohol. The first thing that comes up: it’s toxic. It remains a mystery to us why this is okay but cannabis is not.


The “Benefits” of Alcohol

  1. Shrinking brain
  2. Blackouts
  3. Dependance
  4. Heart damage
  5. Liver damage
  6. Pancreatitis
  7. Frequent diarrhea
  8. Infertility
  9. Sexual dysfunction
  10. Malnutrition
  11. Diabetes complications
  12. Numbness
  13. Behavior changes
  14. Hallucinations
  15. Slurred speech
  16. Cancer
  17. Lung infections
  18. Fatigue
  19. Stomach distress
  20. Birth defects
  21. Thinning bones
  22. Changes in coordination
  23. Muscle cramps

Well actually, here are some ways cannabis could be lethal

The Health Benefits of Cannabis

1. It Can Help You Lose Weight

2. It Can Regulate and Prevent Diabetes

3. It Fights Cancer

4. It Can Help Depression

5. It’s Showing Promise in Treating Autism

6. It Provides a Safer Alternative to Drugs and Alcohol

7. It Helps Regulate Seizures

8. It Can Help Broken Bones Heal Faster

9. It’s a Treatment for ADHD

10. It Can Help Treat Serious Addictions

11. It Treats Glaucoma

12. It Can Improve Lung Health

13. It Helps Anxiety

14. It Can Slow the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease

15. It Helps M.S. Patients

16. It Can Control Muscle Spasms

17. It Helps Individuals with Eating Disorders

18. It Treats Arthritis

19. It’s Helpful for Those with PTSD

20. It Can Help Regulate Your Metabolism

21. It Can Help People with AIDS/HIV

22. It’s Effective for Treating Nausea

23. It’s an Alternative Treatment for Headaches

24. It Can Treat Certain STDs

25. It Will Help with Speech Problems

26. It Can Improve Skin Conditions

27. It Can Help You Get Through Chemotherapy

28. It Regulates Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

29. It Will Calm Asthma Attacks

30. It Can Replace Viagra for Some Men

31. It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

32. It’ll Calm Your Panic Attacks

The Economic Benefits of Cannabis

33. It Can Be Used as a Food Source

34. It Makes for an Attractive Investment

35. It Can Help Fight Climate Change

36. It Creates Jobs

37. It Generates Revenue for Schools and Public Health Programs

38. Legalizing Cannabis is Getting People Out of Jail

39. It’s Creating New Industries

40. It Lowers Crime Rates

41. It Leads to Safer Roads

42. It Makes Law Enforcement Cheaper and Easier

How Cannabis Can Improve Your Daily Life

43. It Can Keep Your Pets Healthy

44. It Can Help You Have More Pleasant Dreams

45. It Can Bring Your Energy Levels up

46. It’ll Help You Sleep

47. It Can Help You Get Through the Work Day

48. It Can Make You More Productive

49. It Could Make You More Creative

50. It Can Protect Your Brain

list credit: Green Flower

We don’t know about you, but the chances we’d choose the cannabis list as much safer than the legal alcohol list are high. *Note cannabis is legal in 31 states. #cannabiscommunity are working to get it legalized as a nation.

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10 Ways to Make Money (Legally) in Cannabis

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⚡️November 30th⚡️ Time is running out to get KKOG Greenhouse Grow Investor Bricks

⚡️November 30th⚡️ Time is running out to get KKOG Greenhouse Grow Investor Bricks