The Green Rush Begins: Time To Get In And Invest On The Ground Floor

NPR reported: Medical marijuana is now legal in 20 states, and legislation is pending in 13 others. It’s become a $1.5-billion-a-year industry, and it’s expected to triple in just a few years. With legal cannabis one of the world’s fastest growing market sectors, investors are seeing green.

Everyone from mom-and-pop operations to venture capitalists are rushing to get in on the ground floor.

Operations starting from ground zero need a lot of start-up cash to lease or buy warehouse space. They also need to purchase ancillary items, such as growing lights and watering systems, as well as security systems required by the states.

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Missed Opportunities

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, life will put an incredible opportunity in front of you. Unfortunately, they don’t always look obvious at the time. History is full of people who passed up the chance to invest in the next big thing.

Opportunities are the crucial stepping stones to the next levels in our health, in our wealth and in our happiness. And we should always focus on keeping an eye out for opportunities and making the most of them when they arrive. But often opportunities slip by. We immediately rule them out as too expensive, or too hard to take on.

Don’t let this be you when it comes to the cannabis industry!

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Want An Easy (Legal) Way To Invest in the Cannabis BOOM? →Click

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