Silverline Contributes Smartphone with Elderly App to Indiegogo Campaign

Our team came across the news article (read more here) on Mr Tan’s plight back on 8 Feb 2015 in The New Paper, and we paid close attention to the Indiegogo campaign (read more here) started by Mr Dan Chen ever since.

It was heart wrenching to learn that Mr Tan, a 70 year old petrol pump attendant and a cleaner, was cheated of his CPF savings and monthly salary for 15 years, which amounts to a total of more than $400,000. The con women allegedly told Mr Tan that this money was a “debt” he owed the Government. Nonetheless, it was heartening to see Mr Chen step up to help Mr Tan through a campaign on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, raising a total of USD $49,222, surpassing his initial target of USD $5,000.

When it was made known that Mr Tan would require a phone, our team was eager to help by donating a smartphone to let Mr Tan experience the benefits of it — one that would provide a less daunting experience for Older Adults. The donated smartphone was preloaded with our Silverline Mobile App that allows Mr Tan to readily connect with his loved ones to share precious moments, as well as update them on his location, well-being information and send out emergency alerts in a tap. With our app, Mr Tan can now look forward to leading healthier, safer, and connected life, while giving his loved ones peace of mind.

The handover of the funds and donations took place on Saturday, 28 March 2015, and we are glad to see that Mr Tan no longer worries about owing a debt to the Government. The funds donated will be spent on Mr Tan’s medical bills, and managed by his niece.

Mr Tan together with Mr Chen and campaign donors
Our friendly Silverline colleague teaching Mr Tan how to use the Silverline App
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