ConnectJob Apps is now Available

Aug 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Community,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your confidence on our project.

As any project we have been fighting against adversity, the infernal downfall of the Crypto, more than 70% from our highest value vs Etherum and the loss of large institutional investors was the main issues.

We were forced to reorient our strategy, product and business development as well, but here we are.

We will give you more details very soon to explain these points.

We know that we still have a hard work in front of us, but we are determined to be successful in our common project.

Our Apps will progress and be updated according to new add on that will make our product better, smarter and most user-friendly.

We do expect from you any positive feedback to make us going on that path of perfection that we pursue.

As usual Google play is the first to open our Apps to the Market, so download ConnectJOB

and start to navigate

For the iPhone holders please follow the procedure below.

IOS Link

Please follow carefully the information as the IOS version is not yet validated by Apple, then when Apple will validated the Apps, it will be easier, just a normal download.

Enjoy and stay tune more information will come, like Tuitos.

Trustfully yours

Yoni Assouline

CEO ConnectJob


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