ConnectJob Smashes Token Sale Target to Evolve Gig Economy

May 1, 2018 · 3 min read

One month, 4 weeks, 30 days, seven hundred and thirty hours later, the Token Generation Event for decentralized service engagement platform, ConnectJob, has come to an end.

Over 1600 contributors from across the globe registered on our website and participated in one of the decentralized crowdfunding highlights of the year. Our soft cap requirement was swiftly met, enabling us to smash past with over $10 million raised. We’d like to dearly appreciate each and every one of you for your magnanimous contributions to this remarkable achievement. ConnectJob has truly been blessed by your support and our platform development is well and truly underway.

Since the ICO began in December my belief in our project has increased by the day, if not the minute, says Yoni Assouline, ConnectJob’s CEO.

Over the last few months, I have seen firsthand the tireless effort of our team and the global growth of the ConnectJob community. Together we are only getting started, and together we will be an unstoppable force. As you are aware this was not an easy period in crypto, we climbed the highest mountain and seemed to slide back down in an instant. The question I ask myself is, how will history view this volatile time in the markets? From my perspective, the answer will be determined by you and me, founders and contributors alike

What’s Next for ConnectJob

ConnectJob’s community continues to boast of one of the most outstanding community in the industry, without whose cooperation our critically lauded roadshow in Dubai and Seoul would never have been possible. The show enabled us to physically interact with our community, showcasing our developmental objectives, progress, and platform update.

I have traveled the world during our ICO to share ConnectJob’s vision, and I can say without question that change is happening. Yoni continues.

People are looking for real change, change in privacy, change in contracts, ownership, trust, and of course change in currency. We must stick with our belief system, continue to grow consensus, and support project’s like ours which are crucial as we move closer to mass adoption.

For those of you who somehow missed out on the Token Generation Event and the exciting bonuses packaged alongside it, CJT tokens will be made available on reputable exchanges after activation on May 1st. The first exchange we’ve partnered with is IDEX, whose listing of our token is a part of our core vision to integrate with the most reliable exchange services built on the Ethereum blockchain for seamless exchange of blockchain assets easily without any reliance on our platform However, volume and transaction will be largely dependent on how willing the community is to part with their tokens instead of holding ahead of our global launch to start engaging professional jobbers for their daily needs. We have also integrated Bancor Protocol for further liquidity.

One Journey’s End is Another’s Beginning

The end of our TGE marks the beginning of our mission to decentralize the $900 billion gig industry through the disintermediated and decentralized abilities offered by the blockchain. Our platform offer users the unique opportunity to connect with service seekers and professional jobbers in their immediate environment through geolocational tools.

Now our Token Generation Event is behind us but ConnectJob’s duties are only beginning, declares Beni Issembert, ConnectJob’s CMO.

We are focusing on the Alpha version app deployment and in the next couple of weeks, we shall present to our community our first fully functional version. Make sure to stay tuned as the best is yet to come!

For more information please visit and feel free to chat with us at or on our Telegram channel.

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