“Crypto Zombies” and Other Korean Blockchain Anomalies

Apr 10, 2018 · 2 min read

The train has barely left the station, but you’re now certain that the passenger sitting next to you has checked their mobile device more often than the 7pm traffic at Gangnam Station. No, it wasn’t some newfangled, social media channel, or communication app. Neither was it the time. Maybe a game? But what sort of game would require so frequent a consultation and so brief a consulting? Definitely, not Tetris despite the presence of cascading green and red bars that reminds one of candlesticks…


Your heart almost skips a beat.

Could this be? Could this be what they had warned you about when you said you’ll be taking a Train to Busan later in the day? Could this be one of those newly infected “crypto zombies?”

In a country where one-third of workers are crypto investors, South Korea is one of the world’s biggest markets for cryptocurrencies and also home to the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges, Bithumb. The elderly are aggressively leading the charge, laying down invaluable foundations for the younger generation to follow — as they always have.

The city of Seoul has taken it further by announcing the development of its own cryptocurrency and the creation of a fund to support the advancement of blockchain technology and related startups.

In an interview with CoinDesk, the Mayor of the city, Park Won-soon, was quoted as saying;

“As Seoul is the world’s leading city in the field of information and communications, including the Fourth Industrial Revolution, I think we should study new technologies such as blockchains”

Blockchain technology is the fourth industrial revolution and South Korea is enacting several policies to keep the revolution robust and healthy. This has resulted in tighter regulatory measures on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and increased scrutiny from financial watchdogs. A move that we, at ConnectJob, greatly applaud.

“Having just visited Seoul and witnessed first hand the interest, enthusiasm, and usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I am more positive than ever about the technology. I also urge leaders from the rest of the world to take notice of what is happening in Korea and not to be left behind!” says ConnectJob’s CEO,Yoni Assouline.

ConnectJob’s ICO is currently ongoing for the world’s first DApp for the exchange of services and values through cryptocurrency. 132 million CJT tokens are being offered during the event at 2400 CJT per ETH. Community support for the event has been overwhelming with over $10 million raised. ICO ends on April, 30th.

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