Disrupting the $900 Billion Gig Economy, ConnectJob Announces Pre-ICO


Technology is increasingly becoming mobile, changing business and communication’s landscape. Jobs are now “on-the-go” and accessible to anybody with internet connection and the required skill-set. This gig economy has created cheaper and more efficient service delivery system, allowing workers to offer their services to the global labour market anytime, anywhere.

Gig Economy?!

Gig Economy and ConnectJob

However, this economy has a terrible reputation when it comes to connecting users to service providers and vice versa with high commission fees, opacity, lack of guarantee for hours worked, fake reviews, and identity theft. These problems have been attributed to the absence of a transparent and secure platform that directly connects jobbers to clients. A decentralized and intuitive platform offering a multitude of services backed by immutable contracts and reputation. A platform like ConnectJob.

Following a successful test in Eastern Europe, ConnectJob is set to disrupt the global labour market through its decentralized service engagement and delivery platform. Powered by blockchain technology, ConnectJob is a mobile app platform for fast and secure service delivery by highly-skilled jobbers. The app facilitates multiple interactions for different services on a decentralized platform where every service engagement is backed by smart contracts due to their distributed nature and ability to safely secure values until predefined terms have been met.

ConnectJob collaborates only with trusted and professional jobbers using an innovative reputation and identity system on the blockchain. By tying each users identity and reputation to the blockchain, ConnectJob eliminates the prevalent identity risk and fake reviews associated with the traditional system.

Gig Economy and ConnectJob’s Token

ConnectJob’s token is based on Ethereum

ConnectJob ecosystem is powered by the ERC20 compatible ConnectJob Tokens (CJT). This utility token drives the settlement and reward system on the platform, offering users a 10% discount on all services and providing priority access to exclusive services.

ConnectJob believes that through people helping each other, the world will be a better place. To this end, the platform will be offering its revolutionary token to the public from 12/01/2017 to 02/11/2018 in a pre-sale event. 63,240,000 CJT tokens at a minimum of 1 ETH per contribution will be on offer with bonuses all along the Pre-ICO. Tokens will be sold at 2,400 CJT per ETH.

About The Team
Co-founded by Jonathan Gueron and Yoni Assouline, ConnectJob is being developed by a highly experienced team from various sectors including management, marketing, finances and software development.

Gueron is responsible for the Tech and Blockchain departments and is also the initiative behind European success story, iAdvize. Assouline is a successful serial entrepreneur and Business Angel in Israel. He is in charge of marketing development.

Leading Advisors
ConnectJob boasts of renown and accomplished advisors on its advisory board, including:

  • Lead advisor: Scalene Partners (founded by three former investment bankers from Rothschild & Co.)
  • Financial advisor: Jeremie Berrebi (President and founder of Magical Capital, one of the world’s most active Business Angels)
  • Legal advisor: Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel (US business law firm)
  • Blockchain and crypto-currency advisor: Simon Polrot (Founder of Ethereum France and Vice-President of Ethereum Association)

About ConnectJob

ConnectJob is an innovative platform that brings together a wide range of services to individuals in an all-in-one application based on Blockchain technology. The application connects users looking for daily services to certified “jobbers”. It is based on geolocation, providing its users with the service available in their region, invoiced in ConnectJob tokens or in €/$ at a prefixed hourly rate for each type of work (similar to the Uber model). ConnectJob is targeting more than 20 million uses per month within the next 5 years and to roll out the application in the 20 world’s largest cities over the period, starting with Paris, London and New York as of 2018.

Founded in 2017 and based in Gibraltar at Suites 7B & 8B, 50 Town Range, ConnectJob is co-managed by Jonathan Gueron and Yoni Assouline and comprises around 50 employees.

For more information please visit: http://ico.connectjob.io/

Media Contact: media@connectjob.io