Taking The Gig Economy By Storm: ConnectJob Listing Update

May 8, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the hardest task for ANY blockchain startup is getting their crypto listed on an exchange. Some will demand an arm, or a leg, or both, while others just wouldn’t give you the light of day. Anticipating this, we decided to approach several reputable exchanges for integration well aware of the cost — not in money, but in time. Our applications were duly submitted, contracts signed and we were told to wait. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have possibly foreseen what we’ve now termed the “CJT Effect”.

The CJT Effect

was the first to respond in record time, expressing their interest in what CJT stands for as a true utility token for the disintermediation of service exchange, and offering to integrate us without the usual frills and fuss that tends to accompany the process. We were humbled and floored to see such an establishment not only actively express its support for our vision, but also throwing its weight behind it. With supporting us, we were ready to take our first step towards evolving the $900 billion gig ecosystem and solve its attendant liquidity problems.

Then, came knocking, drawn by our decentralized liquidity solutions promoting disintermediated value exchange without us or any third-party interfering. IDEX successfully listed our tokens, pairing it with Ether. However, we started to recognise a pattern that could be unfavourable for the community — CJT could only be exchange for Ether. What about other cryptocurrencies or even fiat? Are we to leave our community without other options? What would happen to our mission to facilitate seamless liquidity for CJT?

We started reaching out frantically for solutions — not just any solution but one that is easy and accessible for our community.

And that’s when lightning struck thrice.

Ranked among the top 50 exchanges worldwide, Yobit is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange with over $26 million in daily volume and the most robust pairing options in the industry. Any listed crypto can be paired and exchanged for either , , , , USD, and even RUR on the platform. Which is why when Yobit presented us with the news that listing CJT was just a hairbreadth away, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to solve our Token Pairing problem. However, we truly had no idea just how short that hairbreadth was until today.

officially announced CJT listing to the world on 01/05/2018 through its social media channels. The announcement simultaneously surprised and overwhelmed us and the community with theories and counter theories flying wildly. We’ve reached out to Yobit and have officially confirmed that the listing is genuine. We also wish to apologise for our silence during this confusing period. Our silence was due to Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that made it impossible to comment on the situation without jeopardising what we’ve worked so hard for.

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