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When it comes to liquidating crypto assets, most people often find themselves threading the eye of a needle — in the dark — in their bid to convert the digital into physical. Hence, the reason why most businesses continue to remain on the sidelines of an industry rapidly closing on the $5 trillion mark. The bridging of this divide has been postulated to be the missing link required to bring financial inclusion to the 2.5 billion unbanked population. ConnectJob has finally developed a bridging solution.

Bringing Businesses to the Blockchain

ConnectJob Labs is a decentralized, white-label environment facilitating the seamless customization and integration of crowdfunding for businesses using ConnectJob’s token. The platform enables businesses to venture into the exciting world of cryptocurrency and tap into one of the most exciting emerging market based on the transparent, secure, and disintermediated exchange of values. Businesses will be able to leverage our customizable APIs to crowd-raise funds and be paid for services in ConnectJob’s token (CJT) or fiat and will be able to access a plethora of services including:

  • Marketing automation (Internal and External Emailing)
  • Partner program (Affiliate Program)
  • A full Back Office facility including CMS, Report system, CRM
  • Multicurrency wallet for fiat and cryptos (USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, CJT, etc.)
  • Fully-fledged support centre suite (Mailbox, FAQ and Live Chat)
  • Additional plug-ins such as custom design, on-site client hosting install, messenger, chat, and many more

CJT or a Success story for the Gig Economy

Recently, our four-months long token sale event came to a rousing end, raising over $10 million from global contributors and immediately being listed on both IDEX and Yobit. This was shortly followed by being listed on Coinmarketcap.com after posting very healthy market volume in under a week. This achievement underscores a big win for the gig economy, cementing ConnectJob’s role in harmonising a fragmented market now worth well over $900 billion and evolving the freelance economy through immutable smart contracts, secured and transparent payments, trustless exchange, and autonomous dispute resolution.

ConnectJob is decentralizing and disintermediating all exchanges and engagement in the gig economy, enabling service seekers and providers to instantly exchange and settle services directly. During our Token sale event, we were able to connect with key players in the industry and potential partners through our global-spanning roadshow. Now that our critically acclaimed Token Generation Event is over, we are now focused on building on the incredible foundations we’ve established and achieving our roadmap targets.

Future Development

In the next couple of weeks, ConnectJob Labs’ platform will be released for Beta testing. Businesses looking to crowd raise funds using CJT Token will be invited to test the solution in real-time.

ConnectJob Labs platform is the embodiment of our “win-win” mission for the gig economy, enabling businesses that have been looking for ways to integrate blockchain technology to seamlessly do so. 50 years ago French Students were standing in the streets of Paris, shouting “Be realistic, demand the impossible”. For ConnectJob Labs, this is not a slogan. This is the Vision!

Stay tuned for next weeks post about our exciting update to the CJT ecosystem.

For more information please visit http://ico.connectjob.io/ and feel free to chat with us at support@connectjob.io or on our Telegram channel.

Your crypto, Your Life!

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