Workforce Development and Economic Transformation; The Asian Miracle

Mar 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Despite a war-ravaged history, dearth of natural resources, and very little capital, South Korea has evolved from an abject state of poverty to one of the most vibrant economy and a manufacturing powerhouse in Asia. Frequently referred to as the “Asian Miracle”, South Korea successfully rebuilt itself from the ashes of conflict to a state of affluence through a diligent and illustrious workforce — a trait shared by ConnectJob too.

According to World Bank’s report, one of the key factors that help shaped Korea’s success was the provision of skills to support industrialization and economic diversification.

“The Korean government recognized very early on the importance of WfD (workforce development) for economic development. By 1960, the country’s President was convening weekly meeting with ministers to discuss WfD strategy, a practice that has continued to the present day”

This impression was not lost on ConnectJob’s team during its recent roadshow in the Land of the Morning Calm, recognizing first-hand the immense effort the country has put into the skills acquisition and manpower training that forms the core of Korea’s rapid transformation. Workforce development, in particular, has always been a priority with the government, receiving close and empowering employers with the skills necessary to support Korea’s transformation. The country has enjoyed sustained rapid growth since the 1960s founded on a series of reforms that has helped improve the oversight of the education and training system. In turn, this has led to a greater reliance on market forces to drive economic growth and diversification.

With ConnectJob, we can take this growth further than it has ever been — globally. Powered by an immutable and decentralized blockchain that enables users to exchange values directly from anywhere in the world without requiring any middleman, ConnectJob is enabling highly-skilled and talented workforce to leverage their ability globally. Using geolocational feature through the platform’s mobile app, service seekers can connect with service provider in their locality and instantly be paid for their services based on pre-agreed terms baked into smart contracts.

At ConnectJob, our vision is the empowerment of the global community. Our drive is to place the right tools in their hands, and our future is decentralization.

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