Yeoboseyo! ConnectJob Goes South Korean!

Mar 13, 2018 · 3 min read

You asked for it, you got! ConnectJob is bringing the decentralization of the on-the-go and on-demand industry to a city near you.

Kicking off on March 16th at the KAIST (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Blockchain Summit, ConnectJob and BandZ Network will be collaborating to host a series of interactive and exciting events for our Korean community.

“We have travelled extensively during the ICO, including trips to Paris, Istanbul, and Dubai” says Yoni Assouline, ConnectJob’s CEO.It is important for us to continue to travel, personally meet potential partners, and to learn more about the local culture, labour market, and blockchain ecosystem. When you examine these three criteria, there is no question that Seoul Korea is perhaps the most important trip we could take.”

South Korea, A City of Innovation

South Korea is the third-biggest cryptocurrency market, behind Japan and the US. The country is home to over a dozen different cryptocurrency exchanges, bolstered by strong IT infrastructures across the country. In 2017, South Korea ranked 4th in global smartphone penetration listing with over 36 million ownership and its household internet penetration now sits at nearly 100%. With high mobile ownership and liberal internet connection, South Korea is one of the most in-demand gig economy in the world.

The booming cryptocurrency industry has spawned many innovative ventures in the country ranging from crypto kiosks to private tutoring centres offering blockchain-based courses, media outlets, and books. An industry that ConnectJob is eager to help improve by disintermediating the exchange of services and values.

Synergistic Partnership

Following our partnership with AKA Partner for our Dubai event, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with BandZ Network.

BandZ Network is a crowdsourced blockchain-based marketplace and peer-peer ecosystem for the bandwidth resale of internet devices around the globe. The platform was co-founded by Shakil Muhhamad, a blockchain expert from Pakistan now residing in Korea, who has successfully built the company, alongside co-founders and global strategic partners, into an industry leader.

Knowing You, Knowing Me

We will be hosting two different events in South Korea. They are:

What will be the topics addressed?

  • Korean Blockchain Technology
  • Impact of blockchain on the labour market in the far east
  • ConnectJobs plans for the Korean market

Who will be speaking?

Which influencers will be present?

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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