Trump ran on things that Americans cared about.
Tim Wilson

To assume that all illegal workers from Mexico stay at $5 per hour is a generalization and stereotype that applies to some, not all. I’ve met a number that are doing quite a bit better, and I have nothing against that in principle, except that millions of folks coming in without regard for law has quite an impact on others here legally.

I could give a long response as to what things Trump has done, but it would take more time than I’m willing to take at the moment. As a quick recent example though, a couple weeks back or so a very positive jobs report came out and the media stuffed in below other nonsense stories so I’m guessing not many people even saw it. I have friends- good people, on both sides of this political perspective.

As for me, I’m convinced another Obama-like administration would have drowned America in debt and more government. It would not be the kind of country I would want and it would not be sustainable. But hey, we have two halves of the country seeing this very differently, and that’s just the way it is.

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